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What is Raysync Enterprise Edition?

Raysync provides cost-effective high-speed large file transfer solution for enterprises, breaking through the transfer limitations on file sizes and quantities. Thanks to the proprietary UDP transfer protocol, Raysync achieves maximum file transfer efficiency regardless of network conditions, with a bandwidth utilization rate that surpasses 96%.

Designed to provide a more powerful, comprehensive high-speed file transfer system, Raysync Enterprise offers unlimited users and up to 10Gbps bandwidth license to meet larger-scale transfer needs.


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Why Choose Raysync Enterprise

Centrally Control

Through visualized logs and centralized scheduling, Raysync enables enterprises to centrally manage global transfer nodes and achieves fast, secure, and reliable transfer processes.

  • Visualize and automate file transfer.
  • Manage and monitor all transfer nodes from one single portal.
  • Real-time logs and auditable transfer history.
  • Flexible file access and sharing control.
Security and AuditManagementUserManagementSecurity SettingsManagementLinkManagementData Storage ManagementRaysync Client Transmission ManagementPersonalized CustomizationRaysync Admin Portal

Custom Branding

Customize the website and Client in simple steps to highlight your brand and style.

  • Customize user login page.
  • Set the company name, product name, and email notification header.
  • Customize the menu bar displayed by users.
Custom BrandingCustomize the website and ClientimagecolorClientWeblogowatermark

Multi-layer Security

Provide a complete security mechanism to ensure that every link in file transfer is safe.

  • Supports anti-virus scanning of uploaded files.
  • Access black and white list, login 2FA authentication, and anti brute-cracking.
  • Set watermark for online video preview to protect copyright.
  • Multiple file transfer verification (Hash, Rsync) to ensure the data consistency.
Sending HostReceiving HostRaysyncTransfer EngineAES-256 EncryptionProtectionTLS encrypted transferCVE vulnerability risk library scanningTLS encrypted transfer

Excellent Compatibility

Raysync can be seamlessly integrated with the existing system

  • Supports UNIX, Linux, Windows and other operating systems, supports SMB/NFS network storage, and supports cloud object storage such as Amazon, Google, Azure Blob, Wasabi, and Backblaze.
  • Provide SDK and API, quickly integrate with existing systems, and easily build an automatic file transfer network within or between enterprises, and between heterogeneous systems.
  • Support cross-platform (Windows/Linux/AIX) deployment, as well as virtual machine deployment/high availability deployment/container deployment.
SDK IntegrationAPI IntegrationLinuxUNIXServerClientWindowsLinuxWindowsMacOSIBM AIX

Raysync Enterprise Edition Also Provides

Unlimited Transfer

No limit on files, file size, file format, and transfer volume. Support transfer under 100Gbps bandwidth.

Incredible Speed

Raysync UDP transfer protocol can send files of any size or format at the fastest speed, up to 100 times faster than FTP.

ISO27001 Certified Security

Raysync adopts AES-256 and TSL encrypted transfer to ensure the security of data.

Flexible Transfer Modes

Support peer-to-peer, one-to-many, many-to-many, cloud transfer and other transfer modes to meet various needs.

The System Architecture of Raysync Enterprise Edition

RaysyncTransfer EngineTransfer Management SystemMain ServerData ServerRaysyncTransfer EngineLarge files/confidential filesAES256 EncryptionProtectionWEB APIEvent ManagementData VerificationLocal SynchronizationbackupData BackupRaysync Large FileTransfer SystemCloudSynchronizationbcakupAWS S3BackblazeWasabiGoogle GCEAzure BlobOracleOversea Branch OfficeCloudSending/ReceivingSending/ReceivingWeb BrowserFile ServerSeamlessly integrated with existing application systemsSending/Receiving files fastand securely via InternetBranch OfficeWeb BrowserWeb Browser interfaceCommand LineSSHEnd UserWeb BrowserEfficientSafetySimple

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Raysync offers high-speed file transfer solutions and free technical support for enterprise users!

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