Challenges of Massive File Transfer

When transferring a large number of small files, the transfer speed tends to be slowed down by repeated read/write and handshake steps, so transferring mass data will take longer than transferring a single large file of same size.

  • When using cloud drive to download small files, all files need to be uploaded to the cloud first, and it cannot be integrated with enterprise databases.

  • The transfer of small files is easily affected by network congestion, and one of the significant disadvantages of FTP is that it cannot guarantee the stability of the transfer and the integrity of the data, and files are often lost.

  • FTP and cloud drive cannot move or copy files in bulk and track the logs.

Use Cases

FTP Alternative

Data Migration

Data Backup

Data Management

Raysync Advantages

Enabling centralized management and transfer of large amount of data and different storage .

Disk I/O Optimization

Raysync uses the self-developed Rayfile engine to optimize disk I/O and increase the read and write speed when transferring small files.

100X Faster than FTP

About 5,000 small files per second can be transferred within Raysync optimized transfer protocol, and easily transfer megabyte-sized files in five minutes.

High Efficiency Transfer

Raysync allows multiple download requests to be sent to the Server at the same time without waiting for the Server to respond.

Accurate and Secure File Transfer

Raysync features break-point resume, error re-transfer, and encrypted transfer to ensure the correct and secure file transfer.


Raysync offers high-speed file transfer solutions and free technical support for enterprise users!

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