The preferred solution for small to mid-sized businesses.

Raysync SMB is an affordable package for small to mid-sized businesses at a low cost for $599 only. It transfers your large files with top speed, enterprise reliability, foremost security, and makes team collaboration more effective.


Move Faster

Remote Work

Enterprise Grade

No File Size Limits

FTP Replacement

Recommended for Such Work

I want to transfer large files safely, fast, and reliably, in the meantime faster than FTP.

I want to send and share large files with my team members more efficiently.

I want to move data of any size and format cross-border without transfer volume limitation.

I want to find a web-based large file transfer software solution that has an intuitive user interface and is easy to use.

What We Can Offer



User Accounts

Up to 50

Reasonable Price

at $599

Transfer Volume


Bank-standard Data




Using Raysync SMB, by virtue of the patented file acceleration technology, you can transfer dozens of times more than FTP without worrying about transfer distance, file size or format, and the number of files.


Raysync SMB adopts Checkpoint Resume and Error Retransmission, which automatically resumes any interrupted transfers from the point of failure, which ensuring files’ reliable and complete delivery.

Enterprise Grade

Raysync SMB offers enterprise grade capabilities that are easy to deploy, operate and use. Raysync SMB helps your teams in locations around the world collaborate faster and better without the limitation of the transfer volume.

We give top priority to providing a fast and uncomplicated cooperation process and believe that is exactly what you are searching for, if you are tired of all tedious inquires, negotiations and just want a simple yet powerful solution, Raysync SMB is definitely the right choice for you.