File Synchronization

File Synchronization

Raysync transmission can satisfy the requirements of enterprises for synchronous transmission of either petabyte files or megabyte files, facilitating the business operations in enterprises.

Bottlenecks of Traditional File Synchronization

At present, more and more enterprises require to synchronize various business file in real time with internal departments and external business partners. Most of enterprises that concern file security prefer to store file in the cloud to prevent from file loss. Some high-demanding companies usually choose TCP-based file copy or synchronization tools. However, there are still some unpredictable problems such as file delay and packet loss caused by long-distance transmission and network congestion during mass file transmission. Therefore, the performance and efficiency of traditional file synchronization are far from the standards of enterprises. A new solution is urgently needed for enterprises to solve these problems completely.

Solution products has excellent performance and efficiency, going beyond the limitations of traditional synchronization tools, realizing fast and secure synchronization through WAN and LAN.

Enterprise-level Reliability

Raysync can transmit new file on the base of full bandwidth, and can satisfy enterprises’ requirements to ensure the integrity of file transmission under any distance and network environment.

Mass-scale Synchronization

Raysync leverages the architecture to synchronize millions of small files or petabytes-sized files, and supports multiple concurrent sessions, clusters and 10 Gigabit transmission speed.

Smart Synchronization

Raysync recognizes file update status intelligently to effectively avoid retransmission of the same file, reduce unnecessary synchronization and improve efficiency.

Flexible Configuration

Raysync supports operations such as one-way and two-way synchronization, timing synchronization, encryption or no encryption, modification time reservation, source files transmission only, synchronous deletion, etc.

Application Scenario

Enterprise Cross-region File Synchronization

Enterprise Transnational File Synchronization

High-frequency File Update Synchronization

Alternative to Rsync

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