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File transfer protocol (FTP), which belongs to the application layer protocol in the TCP/IP protocol suite. It is a reliable transfer protocol that runs on top of the TCP protocol. The function of FTP solution is to realize file distribution and sharing among users, and network administrator will use FTP when performing business operations such as version upgrades, log downloads, and configuration saving.

what is high speed ftp

What is FTP Solution?

What is a high-speed FTP solution? There is a lot of high-speed FTP software out there, and they all have a similar concept of uploading and downloading.

That is to say, when enterprise users try out the high-speed FTP solution, they can copy files from the remote host to their own computer, and can also transfer their own files from the local server to the remote host.

So, what are the benefits of high-speed FTP solutions?

The first is that the operation is very simple, and the FTP high speed transfer software is suitable for enterprises of different sizes. In addition, FTP can not only transfer multiple files, but also transfer multiple folders at the same time. Moreover, users can also use high-speed FTP software to download files at the same time when uploading files.

In addition, High-speed FTP software usually supports multiple transfer protocols, such as FTP, FTPS, SFTP, etc., which is good for enterprises with different file transfer needs.

Best High-speed FTP Solutions

1. FileZilla

FileZilla is an open-source high-speed FTP software that has been chosen by various businesses since its release. Transfer files using the FileZilla client, which supports FTP, FTPS and SFTP protocols. As the earliest high-speed FTP software on the market, FileZilla has many features to make file transfers more efficient.

FileZilla FTP

As an enterprise-class large file transfer software, FileZilla software supports multiple platforms, such as Windows, Linus, BSD, and Mac OS X. In addition, in order to make the software more in line with the needs of enterprises, FileZilla also supports a variety of file and folder functions. For example, users can perform remote file editing, and can also set filename filters for massive files.

2. Transmit

Released in 2005, Transmit is a high-speed FTP software specially designed for macOS. It has a remote synchronization function and SSH password generation function. It is very suitable for commercial use and supports SFTP and FTP protocols. In addition, it also supports protocols such as Amazon's S3 protocol and WebDAV.

Transmit should be the most popular high-speed FTP solution on the Mac, supporting multiple tabs to open multiple sites at the same time, as well as a remote search of directory files. This is useful for teams that need to collaborate remotely. Moreover, Transmit also provides a lot of support for adapting to the Apple system, such as a unique style of the user interface, and support for the migration of new Mac devices.

3. SolarWinds Serv-U FTP Server

SolarWinds Serv-U is a simple, affordable and easy-to-use high-speed FTP server software that supports FTP and FTPS protocols, and uses SSL/TLS protocol to encrypt files to ensure the security of file transfers, and supports IPv4 and IPv6.

SolarWinds Serv-U FTP Server

It is worth mentioning that Serv-U not only supports mobile devices, but also supports uploading files on the web. Additionally, Serv-U has added support for files larger than 3GB.

To make up for the FTP software's support for file security features, Serv-U allows you to set transfer bandwidth, storage, and access rights, as well as view detailed information about each file transfer.

4. is an MFT file transfer platform that supports FTP, SFTP, and AS2 standard file transfer protocols, and is a SaaS software. supports the integrated application of dozens of software, which provides great convenience for users. Users can easily integrate directly into existing software such as OneDrive, Google Cloud/Drive, and Dropbox. Users can also use SDK or API to achieve customized integration.

In addition to regular file transfer features, also supports file synchronization between servers and third-party cloud storage. Remote server mounts are also supported, for example, users can log into to view files in other storage.

5. Citrix ShareFile

Different from other FTP clients, ShareFile is a high-speed FTP server that currently only supports FTP transfers, not support SFTP. With powerful real-time collaboration capabilities and protection of sensitive data, ShareFile is a good helper for teams to send and receive files securely.

With ShareFile, members of a team can edit and view files remotely in real-time, as well as set up approval processes and individual deadlines for a file.

At the same time, considering the protection of other important documents such as contracts, ShareFile provides a fast and simple electronic signature function, and can also send signed documents directly to your inbox.

6. ExaVault Cloud FTP

ExaVault Cloud FTP is a platform adapted to the needs of modern file transfers, supporting APIs and supporting automatic and manual file transfers.

ExaVault Cloud has a real-time backup function, all files are backed up in real time and encrypted during file transfer using SFTP and FTPS. Additionally, to ensure the integrity of file transfers, ExaVault Cloud can automatically resume transfers if file transfers are interrupted.

To match the needs of enterprise users, ExaVault Cloud allows users to set custom file transfer information such as name, job number, email, etc. You can also customize the file receiving box by matching the company's logo.

7. MOVEit

MOVEit is also a MFT (Managed File Transfer) solution. At the same time, as a high-speed FTP solution, MOVEit supports Windows, SaaS, iPhone, iPad, and Android.

MOVEit's security performance is generally regarded as the best among software of its kind. It is equipped with FTP SSL (FTPS) for secure file exchange, and ensures that usernames and passwords are encrypted throughout the file transfer process. In terms of compatibility, MOVEit provides a flexible deployment architecture. In addition, MOVEit Transfer, MOVEit Cloud and other diverse module options meet the different needs of enterprises.

MOVEit also provides a cloud-based file transfer and management solution, which not only provides access to cloud-based files anytime, anywhere, but also provides file security measures for enterprise management. For example, you can centrally control all accounts, monitor file transfer activity, encrypt file transfers, and more.

Therefore, MOVEit is very suitable for users who need to frequently exchange documents inside and outside the enterprise, and also suitable for various IT and enterprise departments for internal data management and workflow tracking.

How to Choose High-speed FTP Solution for 2022?

File transfer solutions are critical to the efficient and secure operation of a business. With the many high-speed FTP solutions on the market, choosing the right software can minimize the risk of corporate file transfers. To this end, enterprises can consider many aspects from the program features, functions, security performance, and price.

Each high-speed FTP software is competitive in a specific field and industry, but there is no guarantee that its features will work for all companies. Companies should summarize suitable software on the basis of being familiar with their own business and workflow.

Let's say, for companies that need to frequently exchange files with people outside the enterprise, MOVEit or ShareFile can be selected as the enterprise FTP solution. Because this software has complete file security and audit guarantees, it can protect enterprises by reducing file transfer risks.

For companies with corporate image requirements, the requirements for software customization will be higher. If there is software that supports custom enterprise portals and transport interfaces, it is for you.


This article introduces a total of seven high-speed FTP transfer software. Enterprises can choose the appropriate software according to their own needs. And please consider the performance of FTP software from the perspectives of security performance, file permission control, and real-time monitoring of enterprise management.

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