Product Advantages

  • High speed transmission

    Optimized the WAN based on the long range transmission.Concurrent transmission 100 times faster as TCP/IP.
  • Unlimited users

    No limit on the number of users, no matter when and where, users only need to log in to the web page to use the transfer function.
  • Secure & reliable

    Comprehensive security solutions, multiple validation mechanism. FTPS & TLS protocols are applied for data transmission encryption.
  • Bandwidth control

    Lift the bandwidth utilization to the maximum, bandwidth utilization rate as high as 95% above, regardless of dataset size, network conditions and transfer distance.
  • Simple deployment

    30 seconds to set up, significantly reducing the cost of construction, use and maintenance of the transmission system.
  • Manageability

    Breakpoint resume& Failure retransmission mechanism.Remote operation and monitoring.

Customer scenarios

Film and television post-production

Film and television post-production company, collecting video footage from customers around the world and returning it to customers.


The Biomedical Enterprise Headquarters receives medical images from hospitals around the country, and provides hospital diagnostic or surgical plans after analysis.

Advertising media

Radio and television stations receive video footage from staff in various countries around the world.

Internet technology

Big Data Analytics receives various data from customers in various industries.

International trade

Headquarters receives business data from branch offices around the world.



Found in 2010, Headquartered in ShenZhen and branch offices in Bejing, Shanghai and Chengdu. RaySync has been providing big data transmission acceleration and network optimization services for clients around the world.

With RaySync transmission engine——the industry's leading transmission core technology, perfect solution for cross-border transmission, long-distance transmission, large file transmission and more. Maximizing bandwidth efficiency, thereby improving work efficiency and winning praise from customers.

The company has an experienced technical and service team, combined with the RaySync transmission engine and traditional network resources to provide client with high-speed, stable and secure network optimization services, which greatly saves investment in enterprise network resources, improves efficiency and improves network experience.