Transnational File Transmission

Transnational File Transmission

Transnational File transmission

Challenges of Traditional Transnational File Transmission

When transmitting file to remote or transnational centers, traditional FTP, email and instant messaging tools tend to have high latency and high packet loss rates due to the impacts of network physical conditions, which cannot guarantee the stability and quality of file transmission. How to ensure the stability, security and controllability of remote file transmission has become a technical bottleneck.

1) The physical conditions of networks affect the stability of file transmission.

2) Traditional transmission modes such as FTP have high latency and high packet loss rate, which affects the stability of file transmission adversely.

3) The security and confidentiality of file during remote transmission cannot be guaranteed.


Raysync transmission optimizes the existing network bandwidth and provides stable, secure transnational file transmission services.

Transnational High-speed Transmission

Raysync has a high performance of terabytes-sized and mass small files transmission. It satisfies the needs of accelerated transmission of remote and multinational file in different scenarios.

Bandwidth Utilization Improvement

The bandwidth utilization rate of Raysync ​​reaches 90%, with the redundant file load less than 1%. It reduces the cost of bandwidth and makes full use of the existing network resources.

Ultra-low Latency and Packet Loss

Raysync high-speed transmission protocol, self-developed by Raysync, eliminates the existing defects of TCP, effectively reduces latency and packet loss, and improves transmission efficiency.

Enterprise-level Stable Transmission

Raysync has functions of point-to-point transmission, TLS and AES-256 encryption through the process, breakpoint resume transmission, error-incurred retransmission, load balancing to ensure the stability and security of transmission.


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