Solutions for Advertising Media Industry

Solutions for Advertising Media Industry

As media firms, film studios and broadcasters take high-definition video (HD video) as a new standard, Internet and traditional media have become more and more deeply integrated. The traditional media business has been continuously optimized and upgraded, and the average size of media assets has soared in all organizations. Now media staff have been focusing on the effective management and utilization of content assets in order to compete for users’ attention and time.

Challenges Faced by Advertising Media Industry

In this industry, the need for a higher definition has caused video files to expand their capacities. Most TV and advertising media organizations have turned to the IP-based work stream, so as to carry out post-production based on the nonlinearity and random access of files. The need of sending file document in physical form has been eliminated. At present, there are still bottlenecks for the transformation to IP-based work stream. One of the greatest challenges is to overcome the FTP/TCP on which the IP work stream is based.

Failing to meet the need of transforming to IP-based work stream and to make changes on the basis of protocol, FTP/TCP protocol cannot effectively move high-definition media, thus resulting in the failure of file transfer.


Raysync software provides a stable and reliable file-transfer speed for advertising media organizations, and ensures a high timeliness, reliability and security in working process.

High-speed file Interaction Worldwide

Raysync provides a full resolution and a speed up to 10Gbps for the delivery of global media documents, thus ensuring the timeliness of information interaction in the advertising media industry.

Full Bandwidth Control

The bandwidth can be optimized even in severe network conditions. The network will not be interrupted, because the transfer can be adjusted according to importance.

Saving Time and Labor Cost

With Raysync software, the probability of hard-disc-based transfer will be reduced, and the transfer cost, entry and exit loss and other media-related costs will be reduced.

Stable and Reliable Transfer

It optimizes the bandwidth usage scenario without a moment’s pause in any network environment. The transfer environment will be defined in order of importance, which ensures an uninterrupted transfer network.

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