File Collaboration

File Collaboration

Raysync file transfer system supports file transfer interactions among departments and teams. Files can be shared and distributed quickly, and remote file collaboration is supported as well.

Challenges in Traditional File Collaboration

In the era of big file, enterprises need to ensure that the equipment used by internal and external teams is not constrained by IT infrastructure so that they can have the freedom to access related file quickly. The accessed file refers to shared large file directories and various types of files. Unconstrained freedom refers to all local file centers, remote file centers and third-party cloud platforms.


Raysync provides ultra-fast, stable and secure file sharing solutions for enterprises, which ensures enterprises are able to safely and conveniently transmit their digital assets globally.

A lightweight web Interface

User-friendly interaction and intuitive interface make it easy for users to send files or folders of any sizes to a single recipient or a large team by email.

Quick Access and Share Files

Raysync provides a cloud service to synchronize files among networks and computers. It can store file on multiple cloud platforms, local or remote file centers. It supports web browser to access and share files on computers and other devices.

Transfer Large Files at Maximum Speed

In the scenario of poor network and ultra-long-distance transmission, Raysync can still perfectly complete the transmission of large files and massive small files.

Full File Encryption Protection

Raysync has ultra-high security defense function to protect shared file between internal and external. Multiple security protections are established through user identity verification, file integrity verification and AES-256 encryption algorithm.


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Application Scenario

Local File Center Collaboration

Remote File Center Collaboration

Tripartite Cloud Platform Collaboration

Transnational File Center Collaboration

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