Raysync SDK transmission application integration

Raysync SDK transmission application integration

Raysync SDK can be seamlessly integrated with the existing application systems, which maximizes the functions of existing IT infrastructure and saves the cost of hardware and network equipment. It ensures enterprises’ file security at a low cost and provides high-speed and stable transmission services.

Application approaches

Embedded in Web Application

Embedded in browser plugin

Embedded in PC desktop

Embedded in the third party application

Embedded in mobile terminal

Product Features

Fast Integration

Users can quickly integrate Raysync engine with Web application systems and desktop software systems without changing the original architecture.

Secure and Stable

Raysync guarantees the security and stability of files. It has multiple file check mechanisms to ensure the integrity and accuracy of transmission. It offers functions such as breakpoint resume and error-incurred retransmission.

Fully Support Multi-platform

Raysync provides multi-language development kits that supports mainstream development platforms for Mac, Windows and Linux (C / C ++, C #, Delphi, Python).

Bandwidth Control

Flexible bandwidth control can set transmission policies and speed flexibly.

R & D Technical Support

The technical team of Raysync follows up with the whole process to offer technical support. The technical team would work with customers’ developers to work on system integration, system development and other processes to effectively ensure the smooth launch of the system.

Development Documentation Support

Raysync provides a whole set of SDK technical development documents for users to understand the architecture and transmission integration methods of Raysync. Users can reasonably plan and design the system integration solutions according to the documents.

Architecture Deployment

Raysync SDK

Successful Cases

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Foxrenderfarm embedded Raysync SDK into its own rendering system for large file transmission.

Foxrenderfarm is a company that provides cloud computing Saas rendering services to animation special effects companies and architectural design firms. Its users must upload locally produced files whose sizes range from TB to PB level to Renderbus platform before rendering. The need to upload such huge files to its computer room in Inner Mongolia or Guizhou in the shortest time has become problematic to Renderbus.

Foxrenderfarm provides Saas products to its clients through both PC terminal and Web. In the end, we provided Raysync SDK integration solution by embedding Raysync SDK into Web and PC terminal. The solution not only solved the issue of packet loss and network latency due to the remote computer room, but also fully utilized more than 90% of the bandwidth. As a result, the transmission speed increased significantly and the user experience were greatly improved.


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