What is UDP File Transfer APP for Business?


What is UDP File Transfer APP for Business?

During enterprise file transfer, especially in the media, news and other industries, it is often necessary to send back the timely materials collected in the mobile phone to the headquarters or server for storage. At times like these, people often choose to upload the file and then manually download it when they return to the company or need a colleague to help with the manual download.

What is UDP?

what is udp

User Datagram Protocol (UDP) is a file transfer protocol that supports connectionless, that is to say when transferring files, using the UDP protocol can provide software with a method that can be sent directly without repeated confirmation. The UDP transmission protocol guarantees high-speed file transmission and does not guarantee the reliability of the transmitted data package.

UDP is used in many File sharing apps for business. Breaking the speed bottleneck of file transfer, the biggest feature of UDP is the fast transfer speed, which is the core technology of many enterprise-level file transfer software. From these perspectives, the UDP transport protocol provides the greatest support for the timely delivery of files.

What is UDP File Transfer APP for Business? (Win&iOS)

UDP large file transfer tool is usually installed in Win & Mac side, basically,there is no UDP mobile phone transfer APP. In order to solve this drawback, Raysync developed phone side, to help solve the difficulties of phone large file transfer.

UDP file transfer APP for business

As the world's first company to support UDP mobile phone file transfer, Raysync makes it possible to seamlessly transfer mobile phone files to computer storage.

As a UDP file transfer APP for business, Raysync mobile APP supports Android and iOS.Imagine having such a UDP file transfer APP for business, you can seamlessly transfer files from your mobile phone to any computer storage where the Raysync client is deployed anytime, anywhere. The whole process is simple and fast, and the mobile phone files will be automatically transferred to the computer for local storage without going through a third-party server, ensuring the security and reliability of file transfer.

In addition, the cumbersome workflow of uploading to cloud storage and downloading manually is no longer necessary. Raysync UDP File Transfer APP, combined with the self-developed high-speed transfer protocol, can ensure the fast delivery of files.

For users in the media and broadcasting industry, the material video collected at will, and the audio report recorded on the spot can be transmitted to your office in a timely and accurate manner, and no longer need to care about the limitations of remote file transferring.

Moreover,since the Raysync APP is peer-to-peer high-speed transmission, it is the same as the Raysync client. The user's file transfer will not go through the Raysync server.

Mobile UDP file transfer APP for business

That is to say, Raysync is different from cloud-based file transfer software. Raysync will not store or upload any files of the customer, which is the greatest guarantee for the security of file assets. Any cloud-based file transfer software has potential security breach risks, and Raysync File sharing APP for business perfectly avoids this.

In terms of user experience, Raysync Mobile UDP file transfer APP for business provides an introductory interface and a complete file transfer and sharing process. Like Raysync Client, users can also add multiple peer-to-peer transmission devices on the APP, and can also set file transmission passwords, email notifications, expiration dates and other information.

What are the Benefits of Raysync Mobile APP?

1. Avoid potential file security threats from third-party cloud storage software

Raysync Mobile APP provides peer-to-peer UDP high-speed file transfer service and provides end-to-end encryption. Raysync does not provide storage, and users do not need to worry about files being uploaded to the cloud.

2. Improve the file transfer workflow of mobile phone-computer-server-team

There are many file transfer software on the market, but Raysync is the first solution provider that supports both mobile phone APP and computer client UDP high-speed transfer. The emergence of Raysync UDP file transfer APP for business solves the increasing dependence of enterprises on mobile office work at work.

Through the proposal of a complete set of high speed large file transfer solutions, Raysync improves the workflow of enterprises and improves the efficiency of file transfer.

3. Provides end-to-end encryption for file transfer from phone to computer

Unless a data cable is used, the file transfer from the mobile phone to the computer needs to go through a third-party server or cloud storage. Now, Raysync File sharing APP for business closes this loophole, end-to-end file transfer guarantees 100% file security.


In today's increasingly remote work and mobile office, enterprises must not ignore the need for file transfer from mobile phones to computers. Raysync mobile APP not only supports the transfer of pictures and videos, but also does not limit the file size, and can even transfer folders. This enables businesses to transfer files and communicate anytime, anywhere.

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Raysync offers high-speed file transfer solutions and free technical support for enterprise users!

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