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Read on to learn how these following enterprises move files and expand business with Raysync large file transfer.

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Headquartered in Shenzhen, China and with branches around the world, Huawei is very often to exchange documents between home and abroad. Huawei’s partner in Shenzhen, Chinasoft International used to first download the video from the Huawei’s German video source storage center, then process the video via transcode editing, and then transfer the processed video to the German video product storage center. During the whole process, there were problems such as instability of transnational file transmission, low utilization rate of transmission bandwidth and low guarantee of file transmission security.

Raysync provided big file transmission service to Huawei. Firstly, Huawei's Linux host in Germany was equipped with a Raysync server, then the Windows host of Chinasoft International in Shenzhen was equipped with a Raysync web terminal. Then Chinasoft International downloaded a video from another node in Germany and transcoded it. Finally, the transcoded video was transmitted to Germany via Raysync. Through the process, Raysync helped Huawei to maximize efficiency of bandwidth and at work, increasing transmission speed by dozens of times.

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OPPO is a technology company focusing on smart terminal products, software and Internet services. Along with the continuous expansion of global business, OPPO urgently needs to solve the problem of transnational file transmission under the WAN. Its core requirement is to have a direct integration of its existing system architecture through SDK to form a company-level platform service.

Raysync provided OPPO with a network acceleration solution that enables OPPO’s global branches to visit the headquarters’ application system. The construction is divided into two parts: headquarters acceleration service, and branch offices acceleration clients. Through integrated deployment, the big file transmission speed of FTP/Web applications can be increased by 100 times and the maximum speed of a single connection can reach 1Gbps. Depended on the multi-channel design of Raysync transmission protocol, the transmission delay caused by the TCP three-way handshake will be eliminated and the real-time performance can be increased by 100%.

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VIVO is a world-oriented mobile Internet and smart terminal company. Apart from Chinese Mainland, VIVO also expands its business to overseas markets including India, Thailand, Burma, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam and Philippines. As its global business develops, vivo often faces the problems such as disconnection and packet loss in the process of transnational transmission between its headquarters (located in Dongguan) and other countries.

Raysync provides big file transmission services for VIVO, equips its LINUX host with Raysync server in the headquarters of VIVO, and deploys Raysync web in its overseas branches. In this process, Raysync helps VIVO to maximize its bandwidth performance and work efficiency, and to solve the problems arising from transnational transmission such as disconnection and file packet loss. With the help of Raysync, the transmission speed has been significantly improved.

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Raysync helps to save a lot of time for our projects. Its technical team provides timely services, gives fast response, and makes adjustment very quickly. What’s more, its team achieves a high follow-up efficiency, and is highly coordinated. We hope that Raysync will provide more solid technical support for us in future’s cooperation, and continue to provide transmission services for our projects.
Huawei Phone
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Goodix Technology

Goodix Technology, based on chip design and software development, provides integrated application solutions for customers. Its researchers are widely distributed, with some in Shenzhen. It has also established R&D centers in Taiwan, Chengdu and US. As business requires, some new R&D files need to be transferred between home and abroad. However, unstable wide area network and long-time delay result in delayed arrival of files and a low efficiency in cooperative development.

By deploying Raysync server in Shenzhen, and web Raysync in US, in US, Taiwan, China and Hong Kong, China, business file, including program packaging files and test packs, can be transferred bidirectionally. Raysync’s patented transmission technology helps to overcome long time delay and unstable network conditions in transnational transmission, and ensures a high transmission speed. AES-256 encryption and channel encryption help to build up a green and safe channel for exchange of R&D file, and ensure the security of file flow in the whole process. The enterprise-class transfer settings help to simplify the operation procedures, transfer files at a high-speed, and comprehensively improve the efficiency of enterprise.

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Beijing Fowdy Surveying Company Limited

Beijing Fowdy is a professional solution provider for the industry of “geographic information + UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle)”. As the project requires, the UAV-shooting file should be transferred from Chongqing Airport to the headquarters in Beijing. Due to a poor network environment in Chongqing Airport, to transfer file to Beijing is a big challenge.

Raysync provides a high-speed file transfer system for Fowdy. With Raysync’s self-developed transmission protocol, the UAV surveying and mapping file can be successfully transferred from Chongqing Airport to its headquarters in Beijing. Thanks to Raysync protocol, file can be safely and effectively transferred even under poor network conditions. In addition, Raysync offers the highly secure and highly convenient enterprise transfer function which enables Fowdy to achieve automatic transmission and automatic disconnection-induced reconnection. Raysync high-speed transmission system provides a fast and safe transmission channel for Fowdy.

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Greatwall Motor

Greatwall Motor Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as “GWM”) is China’s largest SUV and pickup manufacturer, having more than 70 holding subsidiaries and about 80,000 employees. As its business covers the whole world, GWM needs to send a mass of business analysis file from the headquarter to its branches around the world. The delayed transmission of files will result in the increase of time cost for the communication between the headquarter and the branches.

Raysync provides big file transmission services for GWM, and deploys Raysync transmission engine at GWM’s headquarters in Baoding. The multi-point transnational transmission ensures rapid interaction of business analysis file between the headquarters, India and US.

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Our users come from more than 50 countries and regions, and the number of rendering users comes to almost 160,000. Every day, material assets with a size about tens of T are transferred to our computer room. Raysync not only helps us address the problem concerning transnational transmission, but also saves considerable software overheads for us.
Qiong ZouCEO
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Foxrenderfarm is a company that provides cloud computing Saas rendering services to animation special effects companies and architectural design firms. Its users must upload locally produced files whose sizes range from TB to PB level to Renderbus platform before rendering. The need to upload such huge files to its computer room in Inner Mongolia or Guizhou in the shortest time has become problematic to Renderbus.

Foxrenderfarm provides Saas products to its clients through both PC terminal and Web. In the end, we provided Raysync SDK integration solution by embedding Raysync SDK into Web and PC terminal. The solution not only solved the issue of packet loss and network latency due to the remote computer room, but also fully utilized more than 90% of the bandwidth. As a result, the transmission speed increased significantly and the user experience were greatly improved.

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Shanghai Virtuous

Virtuous, one of the largest game developers in the world, is specialized in developing 3D fine arts and game software for hosts and mobile game devices. Most of its projects require cross-regional cooperation, and most files involved are 3D large files.

Raysync offers a good many built-in and enterprise-class transmission functions, which enable companies that work together across time zones to share files with their colleagues in remote places, to achieve zero delay in business connection, and to truly realize global coordination. Raysync has established a complete set of file asset security assurance system by combining a series of security algorithms built in Raysync software, with the security algorithms and mechanisms upgraded and reinforced in the process of providing services for large IT businesses, film and TV producers and research institutes.

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Tenjoy is specialized in making high-quality images such as games, films and animations, and is skillful in using various 2D and 3D software. As business requires, Tenjoy needs to transfer CG materials and finished products to its partners in Tianjin, Japan, Burma and so on. FTP, the transfer tool Tenjoy used before, offers a low speed, generally 100Kb/s only.

Raysync provides a high-speed file transfer system for Tenjoy. The public-key and private-key encryption, together with AES-256 encryption technology, ensures a high security for file assets such as production files and finished products in the whole process. With Raysync’s self-developed high-speed transmission protocol, the speed for production file stream and delivered-file stream transmission is raised from 100Kb/s to 11M/s. After the transmission speed is enhanced by hundredfold, Tenjoy improves its work efficiency and customer satisfaction, and accelerates the production and delivery.

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